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Group Values In the process of development, INTLEF Oil and Gas Group attaches great importance to the cultivation of the group's corporate culture, and with lots of attentions focused,the current INTLEF's culture has been widely accepted by every employee, and is playing as an irreplaceable role in every employee's daily work,and it is naturally reflected in all the activities of the company which form today's INTLEF values.
  • Corporate Vision Corporate Vision
    Corporate Vision

    Intelligence leading the future of oil & gas industry.

  • Core values Core values
    Core values

    Create Customer Value

  • Mission Mission

    Devoting herself to providing intelligent product and excellent service for global oil and gas industry.

  • Business philosophy Business philosophy
    Business philosophy

    Management Informationazation 
    Talents Internationalization   

    Cost Delicacy Management 

    Intelligent Technology