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R & D Ability The R&D center of INTLEF Oil and Gas Group is located in the beautiful coastal city-Qingdao. It consists of several institutes, including Qingdao offshorel Technology Research Institute, Qingdao Automation and Information Institute, Hebei Bolu Well Control Equipment Research Institute, GaoYou HaoXiang OilI and Gas Intelligent Equipment Research Institute, Jiangsu Pressure Control Technology Research Institute, and ZhongDing Chemical Equipment Researchl Institute. INTLEF is a leading developer of intelligent oil equipment, automation solutions, and well control solutions in energy business field of China.l INTLEF has a well-established R&D and management team, with multiple core independent intellectual property rights and extensive experience in thel development of automátion equipment. The business scope covers the designing and manufacturing of comprehensive technical solutions for land drillingl rigs, workover rigs, drilling and workover automation equipment, offshore engineering equipment, well control equipment, oilfield engineering services,land special non-standard equipment. We are committed to turning INTLEF into a new generation oil and gas equipment industry group that specializes inl intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment operation, and intelligent equipment management services.

Pioneer of total solution for offshore drilling equipment and automation equipment;

Pioneer of total solution for intelligent and automatic equipment;

China's few top teams with the capability of design, manufacturing, system integration and technical service of offshore drilling platform equipment;

Total solutions of well control scheme

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    First common solution steam for offshore equipment and automation equipment

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    The first team to engage in the overall solution of intelligent, automated equipment

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    Deep-sea platform equipment design, manufacturing, system integration and maintenance capabilities

R & D team 
The average age of R&D Center's engineering and technical team is 35 years old, with bachelor's degree or above , more than 80% of them have the title of engineer or senior engineer and more than 10 years of experience. The team is the pioneer of offshore equipment, intelligent automation equipment of landrig, automation drilling rig and well control equipment in China. Key personnel have participated in the R & D and manufacturing work of many subprojects of national "863" project and national major special project. Presided or participated in the drilling package design of main jack-up and semi-submersible drilling platf -orm and the detail design,manufacturing and project management of the offshore drilling equipment and new land drilling rig in China in recent years.
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Our glory
After years of technical research and development, technical reserves and accumulation, INTLEF Offshore Solution Co., Ltd. has got objective achievements in the field of oil industry and industrial automation through achievement transformation. In 2016, it applied to Qingdao science and Technology Bureau for being a high-tech enterprise. After the review by the science and Technology Bureau, the tax bureau and the Finance Bureau, and the report to the State Science and Technology Bureau for approval, Qingdao Taizhong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. officially became a high-tech enterprise and obtained the certificate at the end of the year.