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The 1st Industrial Revolution, steam engine brought about industrialized mass production;

The 2nd Industrial Revolution, natural science led people to electrical age;

The 3rd Industrial Revolution, computer technology took people to information highway;

The 4th Industrial Revolution, scientific technology development is creating an Internet Industrialization and Industrial Intelligence era.


Along with the historical reform of Industrial Intelligence era and the rapid development of new energy technology, the petroleum equipment manufacturing is stepping from traditional mechanization into an intelligent mechanization era, aiming to make the energy extraction more efficient. 

Considering the requirement of the era and the customer, Adhering “Intelligence leading the Future of Oil and Gas Industry”, INTLEF Oil and Gas Group is cooperating with worldwide customers and partners to build an international petroleum intelligent manufacturing base with Chinese characteristics by the virtue of ICV (in country value) strategic concept in order to be a professional one-stop solution provider of oil and gas industry for pursuing maximum value for all customers and partners. INTLEF is devoting herself to providing intelligent product and excellent service for global oil and gas industry. 

INTLEF people with virtues of enthusiastic, creative, aspiring, harmonious, cooperative and responsible. We are striving with the new ear for a prosperous and brilliant future.