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"Bolu" brand launched "Made in China"

Release date: 2019-10-23

From June 18th to 22nd, 2018, Hebei BoLuTianBao Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. made a new appearance at the 15th Russia International Oil and Gas Exhibition and the 14th Russia International Oil and Gas Conference.  The exhibition hall covers an area of 20,000 square meters, attracting a total of 564 exhibitors and 17,575 visitors from 36 countries. During the exhibition, 55 technical forums and conferences were held, and 310 guests took the stage to speak.  The show has become the most attractive international oil show in the world.

    Hebei BoLuTianBao Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as a technologically-innovative modern petroleum equipment manufacturing company, mainly provides blowout preventer products, rubber sealing products and related accessories for the petroleum industry and domestic and foreign customers with superior performance. 

    During the exhibition, field professionals who came to the company's booth for visits, exchanges and negotiations were endless, and paid close attention to the company's products.  After the major drilling companies came to visit the booth, they enthusiastically inquired about the performance and price of BRO's blowout preventer products, rubber sealing products and related accessories. The sales staff introduced the design, production, inspection, quality control and other details. customers have fully affirmed the company's design capabilities, manufacturing process levels, production capabilities, inspection capabilities, and quality control capabilities.

    During the exhibition, the petroleum conference was also underway. As a manufacturer representative, our company was invited to participate in the application of new technology.  The Russian employees of the company introduced the basic situation of the company and its Russian subsidiaries in detail, the advantages of blowout preventer products and the application of new technologies, the types of rubber sealing products and related accessories. In order to provide customers with efficient and fast value-added services,  Russia opens equipment warehouse and maintenance center.  This chapter was broadcast live on local TV. Customers such as IDS Drilling Company, CBK Drilling Company, PNG Drilling Company, Russian Oil Drilling Company, and CCK Drilling Company all called to congratulate and praised the wonderful explanations at the conference.

    The reporter of the exhibition organizer ITE came to the booth for an interview. The company's Russian employee Yurkov Kirill introduced the Russian market in a short time and the layout of the Russian market in the future.  The reporter made close-up of the blowout preventer products and broadcasted them on the organizer's website.

    During the five-day exhibition, we received more than 300 visiting customers, collected more than 300 business cards, collected a large amount of customer information, and followed up each visiting customer, sending company and product introduction emails, allowing customers to further the company's situation.  Understand; visit interested customers, understand their needs and rationalization suggestions, and respond to many customer inquiries.  All participants in the preparation of the exhibition, transportation of exhibits, exhibition reception, technical exchanges were very serious, and they were successfully completed in the end.  This exhibition not only showcases the beauty of Bolu products, but also the humanities of Bolu!

    As early as January 2018, a number of well control system products of the company have been exported to the Russian market, which has made a great start abroad.  This time, taking advantage of the Russian oil and gas exhibition, the company continued to make steady progress in technological innovation and international cooperation, using the overall advantages of products and processes to expand its overseas influence, and promoting Bolu's high-quality products and services to the world.

“博路天宝”品牌在俄罗斯油气展会打响“中国制造”      “博路天宝”品牌在俄罗斯油气展会打响“中国制造”      “博路天宝”品牌在俄罗斯油气展会打响“中国制造”