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Wang Bin, Vice president of the Group, went to the Russian branch to guide the work and send fes....

Release date: 2023-10-07

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wang Bin, Vice president of INTLEF, guided the work of the Russian branch, summarized the work of the branch in the first three quarters, and guided and required the work of the fourth quarter and 2024. He also extended his cordial holiday condolences and blessings to all Chinese and foreign employees of the branch.


【聚焦目标 鼓足干劲】集团副总裁王斌到俄罗斯分公司指导工作并送上节日慰问

At the working meeting held by the Russian branch, Vice President Wang Bin first listened to the work report of the head of the branch, and understood in detail the work situation of the first three quarters and the sprint plan for the fourth quarter, as well as the resources and support needed from the group. He affirmed the branch's work in the completion of sales targets, the implementation of existing reserve projects and strategic planning, and also put forward some specific suggestions and requirements.

【聚焦目标 鼓足干劲】集团副总裁王斌到俄罗斯分公司指导工作并送上节日慰问


Vice President Wang Bin stressed that the fourth quarter is a key period of sprint, the branch must remain highly vigilant, increase market development efforts, strengthen team cooperation, and ensure the completion of the annual sales target. He also pointed out that engineering service projects, traditional equipment marketing and the expansion of 'three new businesses' (new products, new technologies, new customers) are the key development directions of the Group in the future, and the branch should actively respond to the strategic deployment of the group and do a good job in related work.

【聚焦目标 鼓足干劲】集团副总裁王斌到俄罗斯分公司指导工作并送上节日慰问

When visiting the employees of the branch, Vice President Wang Bin said that they are an important pillar of enterprise development, disseminators of corporate culture and participants in team building. He thanked the employees of the branch for their hard work and encouraged them to continue to maintain a positive mental state and contribute more to the development of the company.


The arrival of Vice President Wang Bin greatly encouraged the morale of all employees in the Russian branch and enhanced the confidence and morale of everyone to fight the annual task goal. Everyone said that under the correct leadership of the group company, the Russian branch will usher in a more brilliant future!