Leaders of Provincial Development and Reform Commission visited Bolu for inspection and guidance

Release date: 2019-10-23

On the morning of November 25, 2018, leaders of the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission Key Project Office accompanied by relevant leaders of Lincheng County Party Committee and County Industrial Park visited the construction site of Hebei Bo Road Tianbao 'R & D and Industrialization Base of Petroleum Drilling and Energy Detection Equipment'  , To visit and guide the work.  The leaders of Bolu Company, Lu Bin and Sun Yongliang, received warmly and introduced the project planning and construction progress in detail.

    Government leaders, accompanied by the company's General Manager Lu and General Manager Sun, inspected the construction site and asked about the project's planning and current construction situation with concern.  In front of the large-scale publicity exhibition board, Mr. Lu reported to the government leaders in detail the base overview and development plan, the market blueprint for the internationalization of the project, the organization and business development framework, future products and market advantages, and international marketing and trade business.  Network, and prospects for economic and social benefits.  Afterwards, everyone came to the manufacturing workshop together, and President Lu introduced the advanced production equipment, technology and technology of the company's fist products to the government leaders.  After hearing the report, the government leaders were very happy. They appreciated the company's industry strength, technical equipment advantages, and market development advantages. They were full of expectations for the future development prospects and comprehensive benefits of the project, and gave friendly guidance to the project construction.  President Lu said that he must implement the spirit of leadership instructions and ensure the construction of the base.