INTLEF Oil and Gas Group exported complete sets of truck-mounted drilling rigs to Russia

Release date: 2020-05-31

On May 30th, 2020, the first two 40  truckmounted drilling rigs exported by INTLEF Oil & Gas Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. to Russia were shipped from Lincheng Economic Development Zone in Hebei Province. This is the first time that Lincheng County exported complete sets of oil drilling and production equipment, and it is also the first time that Hebei Province exported complete sets of (oil and gas) drilling RIGS that can operate under extreme cold weather conditions of -60℃.


Xingtai Municipal Committee Standing Committee Executive Vice Mayor Zhang Qiang, Xingtai Municipal Committee Standing Committee Lincheng County Party Secretary Song Xiang Party, Lincheng County People's government magistrate Jiao Chaojun, National People's Congress Standing Committee director Li Kaijun, CPPCC Chairman Zhao Jianfu, deputy county magistrate Zhang Xizhen, Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee deputy secretary Deputy director of the Management Committee Lv Yufeng, county commission office, government office, County Party Committee publicity Department, financial Office, Development and Reform Bureau, Industry, Information Technology Bureau, Business The main leaders of the Bureau, Financial Media Center, Lincheng Branch of Agricultural Commercial Bank, Lincheng branch of Xingtai Bank, Lincheng branch of Construction Bank, Lincheng branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Lincheng branch of Agricultural Bank of China, etc. Li Changgen, chairman of Xinjiang Huayou Company, Jiang Hongzhi, general manager, He Shicong, chairman of INTLEF Oil and Gas Group, Lu Bin, chairman of Bolu Investment Holding Group, and more than 100 employees attended the delivery ceremony.


The shipping ceremony was presided over by Mr. Ali, director of INTLEF Oil and Gas Group. Chairman He Shicong and County Magistrate Jiao Chaojun delivered speeches and 10 guests cut the ribbon for the ceremony. Mayor Zhang Qiang announced the departure instruction and saluted, making the shipping ceremony a complete success.

INTLEF Oil & Gas Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of oil, natural gas, shale gas and offshore oil and gas extraction equipment, and is the only private enterprise with drilling assembly capability in China. Faced with the impact of the global novel coronavirus epidemic and falling oil prices, the company turned the crisis into an opportunity by developing new technologies and products, and exported its products to 19 countries and regions along the 'Belt and Road'. This year, a total of 16 sets of truck-mounted drilling RIGS will be shipped to Russia, accounting for nearly one-tenth of Russia's total annual imports.


This is the first time that INTLEF Oil & Gas Technology Hebei Co., LTD., a subsidiary of INTLEF Oil & Gas Group, has exported complete sets of oil truck-mounted drilling equipment to Russia, and the export of complete sets of equipment marks that INTLEF products and technologies have been highly recognized by mainstream companies in the Russian oil and gas industry.



INTLEF Oil & Gas Technology Hebei Co., LTD., a subsidiary of INTLEF Oil & Gas Group, is a first-class material network supplier of CNPC (4.310, 0.02, 0.47%), a qualified enterprise of China Petroleum Well Control Equipment production enterprise, and an enterprise certified by American Petroleum Institute (API) for quality, environment, Occupational Health and safety management system. The 'Academician Workstation' and 'Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base' of the Chinese Academy of Engineering have obtained 13 utility model patents and 2 invention patents.


The ZJ40CZ extreme cold truckmounted drilling rig produced by INTLEF Oil & Gas Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. is the largest private oil drilling company in Russia and ranks among the top 200 in the top 500 enterprises in Russia. The equipment will be used in Russia's Arctic operations. The successful execution of this project is of great strategic significance for the full entry of INTLEF products into this customer and the vast Russian oil and gas market.


In the special period of the epidemic raging around the world, the successful delivery of this product is of pioneering significance to the in-depth development of Russia, the strategic market of the global oil and gas industry, and also reflects the scientific and technological strength of Hebei INTLEF new energy enterprises, which ensures the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain of Russian oil drilling vehicle drilling rig in the stable foreign trade.