The delivery ceremony of 2000HP&1500HP drilling rigs of INTLEF was successfully completed

Release date: 2023-02-28

At 8:58 am on February 23rd, 2023, the acceptance and delivery ceremony of 2000HP and 1500HP drilling rigs of INTLEF was held in Lincheng New factory in Hebei Province. Domestic and foreign customer representatives, supplier representatives, partners and company leaders attended the ceremony. Mr. He Shicong, President of the INTLEF, and Mr. Lu Bin, director of INTLEF, warmly welcomed the customer representatives, supplier representatives and partners who came to attend the ceremony, and thanked the Xingtai City government and Lincheng County for their care and support for INTLEF.



During the ceremony, Mr. Huang Chaoqun, the chief designer of the drilling rig, and Mr. Qi Qiangguo introduced the project of the 2000HP drilling rig and 1500HP drilling rig respectively. Mr. Li Wei, quality director of INTLEF, made a quality report on the drilling rig project. He said that the 2000HP and 1500HP drilling rig projects carried out quality control in strict accordance with the API Q1 quality management system of the American Petroleum Institute, and the two drilling RIGS were inspected and tested to meet the requirements of the factory. Quality as a guarantee for the survival and development of enterprises, is the lifeline to open up the market, strict quality control, to provide customers with high-quality products and services, is the eternal pursuit of INTLEF!



The customer representative's speech expressed his affirmation of the INTLEF brand, gave care to all members of the project team to fight cold, brave wind and snow, and bear hardships and stand hard work, and also deepened the cooperative relationship with INTLEF.


Mr. He Shicong, President of INTLEF, said in his speech that co-construction promotes symbiosis and win-win results are achieved by sharing. The INTLEF is committed to providing the smartest products and the highest quality services to the global oil and gas industry. Since the fourth anniversary of the establishment of the Group, it has been strongly supported by party committees and governments at all levels, the great help of financial institutions, and the recognition and support of customers, suppliers and partners. Under the concerted efforts of all employees, the company has continued to grow and develop. Delivery is only the beginning, the service will never stop. INTLEF will return the support and trust of Party committees and governments at all levels, financial units and leaders with more excellent results.


Finally, the customer representatives, supplier representatives, partners and group leaders cut the ribbon for the INTLEF project delivery ceremony and congratulated the success of the INTLEF  project delivery!