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TAI Mud Cooling System is mainly used to lower the temperature of the drilling fluid return to the ground, the drilling fluid temperature in the high temperature and high pressure deep well drilling, 

oil field drilling, tundra and gas hydrates drilling must be in strict control, proper drilling fluid temperature helps to maintain maximum drilling stability, reduce drilling costs, reduce drilling equipment maintenance cost caused by drilling fluid temperature. It is the assurance of drilling operation to safely and quickly.


◆ Skid design structures, provide conveniently installation and maintenance

◆ Customized to fit a variety of platform layout

◆ Maximum keep drilling stability, reduce the drilling fluid and maintenance costs

◆ Real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure condition, as well as internal leaks

◆ Continuous working temperature of 120 degrees

◆ Plate heat exchanger and working medium contact materials meet the work requirements of acid, alkali and oil-base drilling fluid.

◆ Accurate automatic recording of daily running data

◆ Double Seal Structure Principle to Improve the Overall Sealing Performance of Heat Exchangermodifications needed, no operators needed for most and drill floor area.

Technical parameter

Offshore Mud Cooling Equipment