The electric drive drilling rig is the main product of INTLEF. The winch, mud pump and rotary table or top drive are driven independently which makes the rig with simple drive, easy maintenance, high reliability, easy operation, controllable and comfortable. Electric drilling rigs are categorized into DC drilling rigs (DZ) and AC variable frequency drilling rigs (DB). 

DC: The winch is driven by a three-axis chain. It is geared with a pneumatic clutch, four positive and one reversed, easy to operate, equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and eddy current brakes. The 

machine realizes automatic drilling with 45KW small motor, which has high control precision, reduces the working intensity of the driller, improves work efficiency and improves the quality of the well. 

The rotary table is driven by 1 DC motor with two speed gear box. Electric drive system digital control, strong has anti-interference and automatic fault detection ability.

DB: The winch is designed as a single-axis gearbox structure with stepless speed regulation, simple transmission structure, less mechanical maintenance workload, energy consumption braking and 

hydraulic disc brakes and automatic feeding through the main motor. The winch can be equipped with an emergency motor drive. The driller has a better man-machine interface, the operating handle is 

greatly reduced, and the rig operation and fault parameters aredisplayed through the touch screen. The all-digital variable frequency drilling rig has a good expandability, which provides a basic 

platform for the future automation and intelligence of the drilling rig.

Technical parameter

Electric Drilling Rig