◆ The mechanical drilling rig means the winch and mud pump are driven by a chain box by the diesel engine. The rotary table is driven by the universal shaft of the climbing platform.

◆ The power adopts diesel engine + hydraulic coupling unit, modular design, universal joint connection between modules, easy to disassemble and install.

◆ The winch has 4 positive and 2 reverse gears, equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a driller’s room to improve the driller’s working environment and reduce labor intensity.

◆ The winch adopts pneumatic clutch shifting, which is suitable for long-distance control operation ,convenient and efficient.

◆ The cat head winch has a sanding roller and is of integral or split structure.

◆ The car uses the whole chain box, which is highly modularized and can be installed quickly.

◆ The power of driving rotary table adopts the universal shaft climbing platform with easy installation.

Technical parameter

Mechanical Drilling Rig