◆ Mechanical composite drilling rig means that the rotary table is driven by AC variable frequency motor. The winch and mud pump are driven by the diesel engine through the chain box, which greatly simplified the mechanical transmission system and improved the operability of the rotary table. This makes mechanical drilling rig has the function of part of the electric drilling rig, which improves the cost performance of the drilling rig. 

◆ The winch is a closed chain drive winch. The pneumatic brake clutch has four positive and two reverse gears, the hand brake adopts hydraulic disc brake, and the auxiliary brake uses electro magnetic

eddy current brake.

◆ All kinds of instruments and meters are concentrated in the drill room, and the drill operation is simple and intuitive.

◆ It adopts integral chain car, which has good sealing performance, high modularity and convenient installation.

◆ The winch is equipped with an emergency motor. When the fault power cannot be transmitted to the winch, it is used to lift the drill, reduce downhole accidents in order to achieve safe drilling.

◆ The rotary table is driven independently by AC variable frequency motor, and it is steplessly regulated between 0-240r/min.

Technical parameter

Mechanical-Electric Compound Drilling Rig