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◆ Desert wheeled drilling rig is mainly electric drive (DC/DB) rig. The whole drilling machine can work and move in the desert zone under difffferent working conditions (base derrick upright, base low derrick upright, base and derrick independent). The traction rig uses large tire movement, and the generator unit, mud pump unit and electric control room are designed to be transported by large module trailers. 

◆ When the derrick moves separately, there is no need to disassemble the top drive and the traveling system. 

◆ The overall transport speed of the rig is ≤10km/h, and the derrick and base are transported by 20km/h. 

◆ The hydraulic jacking system is equipped with a diesel engine driven hydraulic station to meet the hydraulic jacking system operation in the absence of electricity. 

◆ The cable tray on the upper deck is designed with a cable transfer box to facilitate the overall movement and rapid disassembly of the rig. 

◆ The liquid gas path is designed to quickly disassemble the joint, which improves the disassembly effiffifficiency during moving.

Technical parameter

Fast Wheeled Drilling Rig