◆ Low temperature drilling rig can be used for normal operation under ambient temperature -45 °C ~ 45 °C. The main machine and supporting equipment are all placed on the guide rail.Two-way movement along the guide rail to meet the needs of a single-row cluster well, equipped with a heating system (air or steam) and insulation system.

◆ The insulation shed adopts steel structure or canvas + skeleton structure.

◆ The waste heat recovery system makes full use of the heat dissipation of the diesel generator.

◆ All gas storage tanks are designed to be 0.9 m³.

◆ The pipeline is wound with electric heating wire and the insulation layer is applied to ensure the normal operation of the liquid (gas) in the pipeline at low temperature.

◆ The pump area and the solid control area are isolated to effectively reduce the explosion-proof space and improve work safety.

◆ Adopt step-type wheel and rail transfer technology.

◆ The second floor is equipped with a heat preservation room, which contains heating devices to effectively improve the comfort of the derrick.

Technical parameter

Arctic Drilling Rig