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Iron Derrickman is our new generation Vertical pipe handling system, It replaces the traditional manual work on Finger Board. Through the mechanical arm mounted under the Finger Board, it can grab and move the Dill Pipe between the Finger Board and well center.

Product Features:

◆ Keep personnel away from dangerous areas of derrick and drill floor, and greatly improve operational safety.

◆ Drill pipe is locked with pneumatic finger lock, safer and more reliable.

◆ Hydraulic drive system

◆ Equipped with Multi-point Cameras, Enhanced Operational Visibility and Security.

◆ Equipped with multiple sensors, it can realize 'one key automatic pipe arrangement'.

◆ Each drill pipe is equipped with a separate remote pneumatic finger board lock, which can operate independently according to the control procedure.

◆ Ergonomic design, easy to learn, operate and maintain.

◆ The whole process does not require manual assistance or intervention, greatly reducing the intensity of labor.

◆ Remote control console is installed in driller's cabin and does not need to work in harsh environment.

◆ The operation of pipe arrangement process is consistent, accurate, and can reduce misoperation and increase the speed of drilling.

◆ Automatic control of the whole process

◆ There are no operators in dangerous areas such as derrick and drill floor, which reduces the shutdown time caused by potential safety hazards.

◆ Including a set of automatic fingerboard, ready-to-use, without changing the main structure of the existing derrick.

Technical parameter

Iron Derrick Man