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Foreign Trade Accountant
Job Requirements:1、Bachelor degree or above in foreign trade accounting, financial and economic...
Foreign Trade Accountant

Job Requirements:

1Bachelor degree or above in foreign trade accounting, financial and economic management;

2CET-6 or above, familiar with accounting English, with English financial software operation experience;

3Familiar with import and export trade settlement, settlement of foreign exchange, tax refund and other operations. Capable of import and export foreign exchange write-off, import and export settlement, export tax refund declaration and other procedures independently, skillfully and accurately;

4More than 3 years' experience in foreign trade accounting, familiar with the process and method of accounting treatment of import and export enterprises;

5Primary title of the accountant;

6Proficient in and use of OFFICE software;

Job Responsibilities:

1Responsible for follow-up of the opening of international letters of credit, the opening of various kinds of guarantee, the settlement of foreign exchange and settlement, and the exchange of foreign exchange;

2Responsible for payment review, document entry and voucher entry of import and export business

3Responsible for balance of payments declaration, import and export foreign exchange write-off, export refund and tax exemption declaration, export settlement and other financial related work;

4Responsible for working with foreign molecular companies and business departments;

5Responsible for managing the major bank accounts of the company;


Marketing Manager
Job Requirements:1、Bachelor degree or above;2、More than 5 years marketing related work;3、Capabl...
Marketing Manager

Job Requirements:

1Bachelor degree or above;

2More than 5 years marketing related work;

3Capable of using all kinds of office software, especially good at the use of PPT/EXCEL and other tools. Good English listening and speaking ability;

Job Responsibilities:

1Assist in drafting and perfecting the relevant system and process of the marketing system and organizing the implementation to ensure the process of the system, regulations on the system, and high-efficiency operation;

2Organize marketing system meeting, monthly, quarterly communication meeting, establish communication platform;

3Assist in the formulation of target responsibility letter, index decomposition, target responsibility letter signing and market activity tracking of overseas molecular companies, and carry out organizational performance evaluation of overseas molecular companies;

4Responsible for the performance statistics and summary of each market branch, sales data statistics and analysis, as well as other necessary data support;

5Responsible for the supervision and management of the sales contract execution process of each market branch;


Job Requirements:1、Bachelor degree or above, international trade, business English-related majo...

Job Requirements:

1Bachelor degree or above, international trade, business English-related majors, CET-4 or above.

2Good written and oral English skills.

3Strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, serious work, strong sense of responsibility and strong pressure resistance.

4Good appearance, sincere, meticulous work, with flexibility and coordination ability.

5Proficient in computer and common office software and foreign trade office software.

Job Responsibilities:

1Assist overseas personnel to expand overseas market, develop and maintain foreign customers.

2Assist overseas personnel to formulate, implement, and complete the sales plan.

3Assist overseas personnel to attend the exhibition and contact customers.

4Assist maritime personnel to analyze, quote, negotiate and sign export contracts according to the needs of foreign customers.

5Assist the overseas personnel to follow up the production of the later orders, coordinate the relationship between the company and the customer in time, and urge to ensure the timely completion of the order and coordinate the after-sales work.


Business Support
Job Requirements:1、Bachelor degree or above in international trade;2、CET-6 or above, CET-8 is prefer...
Business Support

Job Requirements:

1Bachelor degree or above in international trade;

2CET-6 or above, CET-8 is preferred;

3High sense of responsibility, rigorous and detailed work style and a strong sense of work;


Job Responsibilities:

1Experience in bidding and copywriting in the industry;

2Experience in international business settlement;


Administrative Driver
Job Requirements:1、Junior college;2、Above C1 driver's license, more than 3 years of high-grade c...
Administrative Driver

Job Requirements:

1Junior college;

2Above C1 driver's license, more than 3 years of high-grade car driving experience. Hard working, veterans' priority;

3Age ranged 30-50, with driving experience more than 5 years. Good driving skill. Familiar with the road condition;

4Familiar with traffic regulations and driving conditions, performance, structure;

5No bad driving record, no criminal record, no major accidents and traffic violations, with a strong sense of safety;

6Responsible for the maintenance of vehicle, keep the vehicle clean and tidy and in good condition.

7Good professional ethics, do not spread the gossips, talk about others. Keep secret, obey the rule, and follow orders;

8Understand etiquette for business reception, have a sense of service, do not work beyond the scope of vehicle work without permission.

Job Responsibilities:

1Responsible for the daily trip;

2Responsible for the maintenance, repair and cleaning of the company's vehicles;

3Assist in handling vehicle insurance, claim and annual inspection of the company;

4Other tasks arranged by the leader.


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