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International seminar of Large-scale Geophysical Experimental Model Base Held in Bolu Company

Release date: 2019-10-23

On June 9, 2018, a large-scale geophysical experimental model base international seminar jointly held by Hebei BoLuTianBao Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd and University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) .Academician Gu Dazhao(Chinese Academy of Engineering), Academician Peng Suping,( Former President of the American Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)), Professor John Holloway Bradford, (Colorado School of Mines), Professor Michael Clair Fehler(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Professor Daniel Robert Burns, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),Professor Klaus Holliger (University of Lausanne), Professor Edward Wayne Woolery (University of Kentucky), Professor Lee David Slater (University of Rutgers), Professor Xia Jianghai (Zhejiang University “Thousand Talents Program”, Deputy Director of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) . More than 30 experts and scholars in the field of geophysical research attended the seminar.

    Academician Gu Dazhao(Executive Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Committee of the National Energy Group, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Water Resources Protection and Utilization in Coal Mining, and Deputy Director of the Department of Energy and Mining, Chinese Academy of Engineering) chaired the meeting. Academician Peng Suping, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, delivered a speech and overall  Introducing the large-scale geophysical experimental model base, Song Xiangdang, member of the Standing Committee of the Xingtai Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the County Party Committee, gave a welcome speech. Professor Cheng Jiulong reported the construction of the model in detail, and experts and scholars at home and abroad visited the model site in the rain and started a lively discussion.  Experts agree that the model is reasonable, representative, and innovative. It is of great importance for carrying out basic theoretical research on geophysics, research on geophysical exploration techniques and methods, and solving engineering problems related to the exploration of underground full space and shallow surface half space.  significance.  Well-known experts at home and abroad have provided suggestions and suggestions for model design and construction, and proposed to expand some functions of the model and invest in scientific experiments as soon as possible.

    The large-scale geophysical experimental model was proposed by Peng Suping, the director of the State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, in 2015. Hebei Bolutian Gebao Oil Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was responsible for the construction.  The model is 140m in length, 50m in width, and 6.2m in height. It mainly includes: subsidence columns, abrupt changes in lithology, faults, aquifers, voids, and pipeline groups. It is the first time at home and abroad to use different uniform media ratios to build a mine under concealed conditions.  Large-scale geophysical model with 1: 1 scale of disaster sources.

    Construction objective: Establish a simulation experimental platform that meets the conditions of underground full-space exploration and ground detection, and change the geophysical experiments from small similarity simulation tests to physical detection; focus on building small-scale structures, geological hazards, pipelines and other geophysical detection platforms, and dynamics.  Geological anomaly monitoring platform, standard platform for testing and calibration of geophysical detection equipment, geophysical teaching practice platform, and formulation of industry standards for different mine geophysical methods.

    The model construction is divided into three stages. At present, the first stage construction tasks have been completed. During the construction process, the party committee and government of Xingtai City, Lincheng County attached great importance and gave strong support.

    The range of participants is high and the level is high. It is a large-scale, high-specification international academic seminar held in Lincheng County, Xingtai City. The conference held indicates that the research in the domestic geophysical prospecting industry will be more complete and deepened.  The direction of development, domestic and foreign experts put forward many constructive opinions that are conducive to the development of local and enterprises, to improve the level of local technology research and development, to use high-tech achievements to provide technical training services, to promote local economic development, provide more jobs and improve local  And the domestic and international visibility and influence of enterprises is of great significance.

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