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Xingtai Municipal Government Inspection Team Visits Tianbao New Industrial Park, Bolu, Hebei

Release date: 2019-10-23

On October 15, 2018, over 200 people from the delegation of Xingtai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government visited the project site of the “R & D and Industrialization Base of Petroleum Drilling and Energy Detection Equipment” with the leadership of Lincheng County Party Committee and County Government.  General manager Lu Bin, deputy general manager Zhang Zheng and general manager He Shicong of the industrial park were warmly received at the site and introduced the project planning and construction progress in detail.

    At 10 am on the 15th, four buses and dozens of cars entered the construction site.  The company leaders who had been waiting for the scene came forward and welcomed them warmly.  As soon as the city and county leading government inspection team got off the bus, they inspected the construction site under the guidance by Mr.Lu and general manager, and asked with concern the macro plan of the first and second phases of the project and the current construction progress.  At present, the hundreds of acres of land in the first and second phases of the project have all been leveled. The first phase of the project has been put into construction as planned. All the foundations of its main building have been laid. Sixty steel structure columns are standing in a row. A new  The repaired cement road extends from the intersection to the center of the construction site.  Before everyone came to the neatly arranged large-scale publicity display boards on the construction site, the general manager of the base project, He Shicong, explained to the leaders of the government delegation a detailed explanation of the base's overview and development plan, the project's internationalization, strong market cooperation blueprints, organizational structure and  Business development framework, future products and market advantages, international marketing and trading business networks, and economic and social benefits prospects.  During the introduction by President He, the city and county leaders listened carefully to the report, nodding from time to time, affirming the planning of the base project, appreciating the company's cooperation advantages, equipment advantages, product advantages, market advantages, and future development prospects of the project  And comprehensive benefits are full of expectations.  After listening to the report, the city leaders gave cordial instructions to the project construction and put forward valuable opinions.  Throughout the visit, the leaders all showed great importance and full concern for the project, and hoped that Hebei BoLuTianBao Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Intlef Oil & Gas Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.) will increase technology through the development of high-tech industries.  We will make new and greater contributions to the national oil drilling and production industry, to promote local economic development, and to improve residents' living standards by investing in efforts and improving our ability to independently innovate.

    The company leaders stated that they must roll up their sleeves and work hard under the leadership of the municipal and county committees, practically implement the spirit of leadership instructions, speed up the construction of bases, put into production as soon as possible, increase the influence and comprehensive benefits of the industry, and live up to the expectations and trust of leaders and all walks of life.

    City and county TV stations provided live coverage of the government inspection delegation.

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