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CNOOC's multifunctional operating platform hydraulic system transformation was delivered

Release date: 2019-10-25

After more than a month of on-site installation and joint commissioning, Qingdao Tai Energy Technology Co., Ltd successfully delivered the hydraulic system of a multi-functional operating platform for a semi-submersible drilling platform of CNOOC.  This is another masterpiece after our company provided a complete set of multi-functional operation consoles for CIMC Raffles.

Project background

    The semi-submersible platform transformed this time is the flagship drilling equipment of China National Offshore Oil Corporation. Most of the drilling kits adopt foreign brands.  Its multi-function operating table is selected from a British company's product. After a period of operation, its performance and reliability can no longer meet the requirements of the site construction.

Project implementation

    In this transformation, R&D center undertook the overall transformation of the hydraulic system of this multi-function console.  Since the original drilling package system was designed by a foreign company, not only the system interface and reliability must match the original system, but also the ease of use and reliability of the entire system must be ensured, and can conform to the operating habits of CNOOC as well.

    After the site survey and measurement, R&D’s Engineers communicated with the field operators many times to formulate a practical and reliable system transformation plan. Under the premise of improving ease of use, the reliability of the entire system was greatly improved and more applicable.  The drilling habits in China.

After more than one month of on-site installation and joint commissioning, the entire system was successfully delivered on March 22.

Related introduction

    Qingdao Taizhong is one of the few domestic enterprises with the capability of independent research and development of a fully hydraulic multi-function operating platform. The equipment designed by the team has been equipped with multiple drilling platforms.  Meanwhile, a fully hydraulic multifunctional operation console will be delivered to CIMC Raffles Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.