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International high standards are a good opportunity for our innovative products to improve technolog

Release date: 2018-12-22

At 9:00 am on November 21th, 2018, President He Shicong of INTLEF organized the main leaders of Hebei Bolu Tianbao Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD and INTLEF (Hebei) Oil and Gas Technology Co., LTD to hold an important meeting in the large conference room of Bolu Tianbao Company located in Lincheng, Hebei. Symposia further deepen cooperation with important international customers, and coordinate to solve related product and technology issues.


First of all, Mr. He introduced the situation of Mr. Lu's special trip to foreign countries to negotiate with customers, and put forward the urgent problems that the company is currently facing in terms of capital, technology and team. He then outlined the company's future development plan, international market layout and the bright prospect of 'intelligent leading the future of oil and gas'. General Manager He pointed out: the problems of deepening cooperation and suggestions of further high-end and internationalization of product technology put forward by foreign large customers should be fully valued, coordinated and solved, freely expressed and offered suggestions.


At the meeting, General Road, General Ah, General Guo, General Yan and so on in their speeches, targeted analysis of the current production technology, talent, quality control, inspection and other aspects of the key points to be improved. Other leaders also spoke actively, analyzed the current situation in a realistic manner, and studied future improvement countermeasures. The leaders at the meeting agreed that the high standards put forward by important customers in the international market are a good opportunity for us to improve manufacturing technology, create high-end quality products, develop deeply into the international market, and promote the development of enterprises to a new level. We must be determined to solve the key problems in production and technology, and strengthen product quality control and internal management norms. Production to strengthen the planning ability, financial to strengthen the management ability, capital to strengthen the operation ability, marketing to strengthen the ability to order, procurement to strengthen material quality control and scientific supply management.


Finally, under the chairmanship of General He, the conference passed the resolution of the meeting. Resolution to instruct special personnel to formulate relevant plans and specific improvement plans, according to the project management mode to solve the problem of in-depth cooperation with customers, come up with measures to further strengthen the technical, system and marketing training of plant employees, to further strengthen the team spirit of effectiveness, and to further optimize the decision-making system, implementation system, technical management and product inspection system in institutional construction. Further strengthen production planning and execution.