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Bolu Tianbao successfully passed the API audit

Release date: 2019-10-23

From October 23rd to 26th, 2018, the American API headquarters appointed auditors Liu and Li to conduct a three-day on-site verification audit of our company's API Q1 quality system and API 16A blowout preventer products.  The audit was based on the standards of API Q1 Ninth Edition and API SPEC 16A Fourth Edition.

    The company leaders attached great importance to this audit, and Deputy General Managers Yan Xiaogang, Li Ping, and Minister of Technical Security Jing Shusen accompanied and cooperated in the audit.  During the audit, the audit will be conducted through on-site inquiry, document review, production workshop visit, and on-site operation. 

The specific contents of the audit are:

    Technical Department: 16 sets of BOP product design packages (design documents, processes, drawings, verification tests), technical specifications, etc.

    Production department: contract production ledger, monthly production preparation plan, factory production plan, product quality tracking form, equipment ledger, equipment purchase, installation, repair, transformation and acceptance check, equipment maintenance, equipment operation, equipment accuracy inspection adjustment  .

    Purchasing Department: Purchase information (requisition form / outsourcing application form, technical requirements), qualified suppliers, historical evaluation of qualified suppliers, supply history of key qualified suppliers, supply history of non-critical suppliers, supply  Factory quality assurance capability investigation and evaluation, contract approval form, etc.

    Quality inspection department: inspection equipment, measuring instruments, pressure gauges, sensors and other inspection and testing instruments and their identification; raw material composition, physical and chemical properties, pressure test and other inspection reports; inspection records of key parts, general parts inspection records, assembly inspection records,  Machine inspection records.

    On-site verification: On-site operation of CNC lathes, dimensional inspection, ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection, penetration inspection, tensile test, hydraulic test, assembly, vulcanization, welding and other processes.

    Quality department: internal audit, management review, management change, procedure document, quality manual, operation document, standard, etc.

    Distribution department: contract, contract review, contract execution account, contract shipping records, shipping list, customer file, customer satisfaction, customer service, customer training, etc.

    Human resources department: training records, assessment records, employee training files, personnel ability confirmation, employee operation skills assessment, personnel files, personnel certificates, corporate qualifications, etc.

    In response to this review, the company leaders attached great importance to holding special meetings to strictly check the operation of the quality system during the production process, check and clean up all the documents and materials involved, arrange special personnel for the problems identified, and follow up the problems in time.  Handle and implement specific rectifications.

Two Auditors conducted strict audits on the operation of our company's quality system and on-site quality control.  At the last meeting, auditors proposed 6 general non-compliances: 1. Purchase API genuine API 20E, API 20F standards; 2. Improve technical specifications and process documents of bolts / nuts; 3. Welding processes must fully comply with API16A and  ASME standards; 4. The contract review of the distribution department shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the latest API16A standard version; 5. Perfect heat treatment outsourcing records; 6. Management changes are not timely.

    During the on-site verification and verification of API, personnel from various departments of the company carefully studied, actively cooperated, and benefited a lot.  Through this review, Zhang Lijian of the Quality Department has deepened his understanding of the management change (MOC) control procedures; Wang Qinglu of the Technology Department has a deeper understanding of the requirements of welding variables in API 16A and ASME IX standards.

    The successful audit not only fully affirmed the effectiveness of our company's quality management system operation, but also marked the full recognition of the company's continuous improvement work.  At the same time, through the audit site, we accumulated  knowledge, recognized deficiencies, accumulated experience, set goals for the improvement of the company's quality management system, and pointed out the direction.  Our company's API monogram certification passed smoothly, which provided a strong guarantee for our company's products to expand market share and enter the international market.

博路天宝 顺利通过API审核