Bolu State Banquet Catering: Awarded in the Eighth National Cooking Skills Contest Division

Release date: 2019-10-23

On November 21-22, 2018, the 8th National Cooking Skills Competition (Shijiazhuang Division) of the 'Unilever Food Planning Cup' was held in the provincial capital.  In this competition, Shijiazhuang Buluo Guoyan Catering Service Co., Ltd. won the Best Organization Award, and the chefs of the Guoyan Hotel Qiu Jiangchao and Dong Chao won the gold prizes of Chinese cuisine hot dishes and creative cold dishes in the professional division of the division respectively.

    It is reported that the competition was hosted by the People's Government of Shijiazhuang City, the Chinese Cooking Association, and hosted by the Shijiazhuang City Bureau of Commerce, the Provincial and Municipal Culinary Industry Association, and the New Oriental Cooking School.  Co-organized by municipal departments.  More than 200 companies and more than 600 players from all over the province participated in this. This is the sixth sub-region competition of the national competition and the largest number since the sub-region started.  At the event, the contestants participated in individual competitions, all-round competitions, team competitions, and booth competitions on six items, including Chinese food hot dishes, creative cold dishes, Chinese pastries, western pastries, baking, and Chinese banquet services.

    It is also reported that the 'Chinese Food Banquet Service Skills Contest' single event of the contest was held on November 21 at the Bolu State Banquet Hotel, Youyi North Street, Shijiazhuang.  The competition is divided into five games. Each of the 15 players chooses the color of the tablecloth and the pattern of the folded cloth according to their theme, and requires the same pattern, clothing and makeup to be inserted.  The enthusiasm for the contest is so diverse that people can see it at a glance. The flower shape in the player's mind can be folded out at any time. This is based on solid foundation and hard work.  The flowers inserted by the contestants are even more beautiful. The word 'good-looking' is not enough to describe them. They are the exquisite beauty of reconfiguring various flowers, the beauty of poetry and painting, the beauty like a fairy, and the display of greatness.  The art of natural beauty and life beauty.  In the competition subjects, the process service during the meal and the finishing after the meal are strictly operated in accordance with the unified regulations of the hotel, reflecting the meticulous, standardized and standardized industry requirements.

    For this event, we paid full attention to the state banquet from top to bottom, actively prepared, and carefully arranged the venue.  Special thanks to the leaders of the association for their trust in us, and the selection of the Chinese banquet service skills competition in the National Banquet Hotel, so that we can communicate with the service masters at a close distance, and enjoy the sights. Take this great opportunity to learn new knowledge and improve skills.  At the same time, the successful holding of the event and the awards of Bolu State Banquet also reflected our influence in Shijiazhuang's catering industry and the comprehensive quality of the employees, which increased the popularity and reputation of the Bolu State Banquet restaurant brand.