Gaoyou Haoxiang customer customized power catway delivery

Release date: 2020-09-16

On September 13th, 2020, Gaoyou Haoxiang, a subsidiary company of the Group, completed the whole process of manufacturing, installation, testing and delivery required by customers.


According to the needs of users to provide a variety of drilling, workover power catwalk, power catwalk with full hydraulic drive, and integrated drill pipe box to achieve automatic drill string sorting, automatic up and down the drill floor, can be safe and efficient up and down drill string operation;


The group's power catwalk has: centralized control, easy operation, reduce labor intensity, safe and reliable, improve work efficiency; Keep operators away from dangerous areas to avoid casualties; The hydraulic system can lock any position, greatly improving safety; Multiple operation modes: local manual control, remote control and other technical advantages.


INTLEF power catwalk features:


◆ Eliminates human-machine interaction during all column movements up and down;

◆ Double redundant winch cable design


◆ Meet the speed of running without affecting the efficiency of the rig;

◆ Fully automatic control;


◆ Suitable for all kinds of drilling joints and measuring tools and 24 'casing and other drilling strings;


◆ Control strategy research effective anti-vibration and anti-shock;

◆ Meet the working problems of high and low temperature environment hydraulic system;

◆ Optimize mechanical design through strength and fatigue analysis;

◆ Safety interlock intelligent control, with interface for automatic drilling rig.