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Epidemic prevention situation high standard reassertion of strength

Release date: 2022-04-19

On April 11th, 2022, the ring type blowout preventer, double ram blowout preventer, shear ram assembly, variable diameter ram assembly, lifting device, manifold, 6-meter joysticker and other products produced byINTLEF Bolu Tianbao were successfully delivered.


This project is affected by the double impact of the Spring Festival holiday and the epidemic, and the actual manufacturing cycle is short in the implementation process, and the transportation of raw materials is difficult. All parts of the group overcome difficulties, closely cooperate, orderly connection of all links, and complete the project on time with quality and quantity. All verified data, videos and other materials are highly recognized by third parties!


This blowout preventer with pressure shear, the test requirements must be done higher than API16A requirements, to meet the PDO site conditions! The one-time success of INTLEF Bolu Tianbao has been highly praised by customers, once again proving the strength of the company!

防疫情 高标准 再证实力