[Successful delivery of overcoming difficulties] INTLEF rig after-sales service team in Africa

Release date: 2023-07-25

Near the equator, on the Atlantic coast, and on the vast grasslands of Africa, every morning, a vigorous operation team rushes to the scene with the first ray of sunshine in the morning to start a tense and busy day's work. They are INTLEF Oil & Gas Group rig after-sales service team, they traveled to Africa to provide customers with rig installation and commissioning services.

【攻坚克难 圆满交付】 INTLEF钻机售后服务团队非洲热土洒热血

The two rigs serviced by this aftermarket team were shipped in February. Because the customer wants to start the operation as soon as possible, the domestic production commissioning time of these two drilling RIGS is only 3 months, and the remaining work needs to be completed after the shipping to the customer's site.


In order to ensure that the customer's drilling schedule, they overcame the difficulties of equipment stranded in port, lack of supplies, poor medical and sanitation conditions and malaria, and carried out the installation and commissioning work tirelessly and day and night. Despite the huge workload and various adverse factors, the team held on to the INTLEF team spirit of commitment and harmony, through efficient collaboration and fine organization, from the full equipment to the well site to the official drilling in just 9 days. At present, the two RIGS are running well at the well site and the three-way operation has started smoothly. At the same time, two liquid nitrogen vehicles successfully completed gas lift operations on several Wells.

【攻坚克难 圆满交付】 INTLEF钻机售后服务团队非洲热土洒热血

INTLEF after-sales service team successfully completed the installation and commissioning work, showing superb professional skills and extremely responsible professional spirit, fully reflecting the customer-centric service concept, and won high recognition and praise from customers.